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HSS welcomes you to join the world of Archery. It is a sport that requires focus, strength, coordination and confidence. Unlike the other sports, it is not physically demanding. Everybody can participate either competitively or recreationally. Its training program can actually help the participants at all ages to better concentrate their mind and relieve their stress. We are the only archery range/academy in Irvine, California. The director and the head coach of the academy in charge is the gold medalist of archery in the 1984 LA Olympics, Hyang Soon Seo. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to step in the world of archery, and to show them how rewarding and fun it can be.

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Student Testimonial
"I have a great passion for archery and enjoy the process of training as much as I live the sport. HSS Sports Academy gives me the type of training environment I can really thrive in. The indoor range is beautiful with lots of natural light, wood floors and a comfortable lobby. the friendly demeanor of the coaches and students coupled with the pleasant decor creates an atmosphere perfect for teaching, learning and having a good time. Archery is a simple skill but is surprisingly difficult to learn from books, pictures and videos. Having experienced teachers and coaches has made all the difference in the world for me. All of the Coaches at HSS are accomplished elite archers. The depth of their skill and ability to demonstrate techniques and training methods has been vital to my development. In addition to physical skills they have also improved my mental game and athletic character. The respect they show to each other, their students and to the sport is a defining example of sportsmanship as way of life."     -Anna Kim